Electrical Hazards when working from home

Previously we have released a blog regarding ergonomic issues which might happen when people are working from home. Now we are going to discuss electrical hazards in the same situation.  

Since last year, many companies have switched to long-term remote work, requiring staff to work from home and go back to the office unless necessary. This measure changed many people’s working habits. People can use office equipment while working in the office, such as desktops or laptops, printers, shredders, etc. However, due to the implementation of work-from-home, people did not frequently return to the office as in the past and could not use the office equipment. Therefore, some people chose to purchase home use equipment.  

Under this circumstance, it is inevitable that multiple high-power equipment access the same power supply in the meantime, which may cause potential electrical hazards.  

People might be exposed to electrical hazards in the following ways: 

1. Multiple pieces of equipment connected to a power extension cord might cause its overload, and this might have fire hazard; 

2. Do not cut off power when finish work. It may lead to equipment damage and wire ageing, and the increasing risk of electrical shock or fire;  

Apart from the above, exposed and unorganized wires may cause tripping;  

Therefore, protective measures are very crucial. For example, try to avoid multiple high-power electrical appliances simultaneously plugged into the same power, use the wire organizers, place the equipment and wire properly, keep equipment in a dry and clean environment, and switch on the equipment only when necessary.  

Last but not least, when purchasing new equipment at home, it is good to check it before use and ensure that the equipment is in a good condition and meets the security requirements (electronic products with SAFETY Mark), be mindful to purchase cheap but unregistered controlled goods. 

In a word, it is convenient to have your equipment at home and to decrease the possibility of electrical or other hazards, ensure the safety of your home and family, learning relevant knowledge is very important. 

Zoe Cai

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Zoe Cai

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