Tips to Getting Your Master’s Degree in Education

Get your Master’s Degree in Education at MDIS, Specifically Designed for Teachers and Educators

2 years ago

Globalisation’s impact on Higher Education

Globalisation drives higher education and higher education is driven by globalisation.  This phenomenon of increasing worldwide interconnectedness, combining changes at…

3 years ago

The Benefits of a Master’s Degree in Education

In this global era students and their families, communities as well as countries are facing big challenges coupled with rapid…

3 years ago

A life-changing experience for many – An Intercultural exchange with Japanese students

Intercultural learning opportunities help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world. …

4 years ago

Honing communication skills

Good writing is the ultimate form of achieving perfection in communication.  To succeed in today’s competitive world, one must be…

4 years ago

Raising the Bar – English Entry Test @MDIST for Academic Year 2019-2020

Students in Uzbekistan and neighbouring countries seeking admission to further their studies in the academic year 2019-2020 will have the…

5 years ago

Nurturing future-ready talents

As our students from the School of Languages and Education approach the end of their study, questions on the next…

5 years ago

Launch of MDIS Taskhent’s Online Mathematics Test

An inaugural online mathematics test was held by MDIS Tashkent from 25 – 28 July to evaluate, measure, and document…

6 years ago

Complementary Additional Scaffolding

“I feel like I never have enough time.” “I study and study, but it doesn’t show in my exam results.”…

6 years ago

MDIS Immersion programmes

Learning multiple languages need not be difficult for your child provided they have the right learning environment. Every child is…

6 years ago