In the recent COVID-19 pandemic outbreak around the globe, it has opened up our eyes to new horizons of human life in order to survive. It has been an unprecedented event that nobody could have ever imagined. The spread of the virus is so rampant, that humans are scrambling to implement precautionary measures to stay safe and healthy, and prevent infection of the COVID-19 virus.

One of the precautionary measures, is the wearing of surgical masks. Though it is a very basic and simple control measure, it has remained one of the effective ways of prevention from infection. Other control measures include, social distancing, maintaining personal hygiene, reducing human interactions, enforcing a quarantine protocol, educating the masses on the virus and temperature checking..

At present, there is an urgent need for a cure to this virus. Many medical scientists are sceptical about finding the cure in the fastest and soonest time possible because it may take a year or so, for any cure to be clinically tested and mass-produced.

For now, we hope, that with the best possible control measures we have in place, we can prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus further.. With the ending of the circuit-breaker period, and phase 2 of Singapore’s reopening, we need to remain cautious and abide by the control measures in place. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Rosman Bin Abdul Halek

Rosman is a Safety Professional Practitioner and am very passionate about the field of Safety, Health & Environment (SHE). He has vast working experience in SHE for more than 20 years from both the public and private sector.

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Rosman Bin Abdul Halek
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