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8 Tips to Boost Learning

If you’re not learning, you’re not growing – but how do we learn better?!

🧠How do we improve retaining and processing new information?

Here are some important tips on how you can boost your learning.

✒️ Exercise: Beyond general fitness, break up your study with light, regular exercise

✒️ Focus: Focus your attention for up to 25 mins, followed by a break

✒️ Metacognition: Keep learning about learning, know your strengths and embrace your ‘growth mindest’

✒️ Sleep: Invest in regular sleep and consolidate memories

✒️ Mental Models: Start with a big picture to create a framework before filling in the detail

✒️ Retrieve: Actively recall your memories through tests and/or reflective conversations

✒️ Spaced Repetition: Break up and distribute your study rather than doing it in a single block

✒️ Context: Vary your environment rather than sticking to the same study setting


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Prasheena Chettiar

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