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Top Gadgets for College Students

The time draws near for you to pack your bags and head for the first day of college. Here is a handy list of items and reviews so you can be well prepared for your College education!

1. Stationery items: Pen, Eraser & Stationery case

(a) Most popular pen: Pilot B2P Bottle Gel Pen
Quick to dry, smooth, easy on the handling and the ink last longer than other Gel pens in the market.

(b) Eraser: PentelClic Eraser
Easy to use as it functions just like a pen, easier to carry around and harder to lose as it is shaped like a pen. Earse is well protected as it is housed in a plastic tube. Grip is firm and easy to control for precise corrections.

(c) Stationery Case: Helix Clear Stationery Case
Examination approved! Stationery cases brought into an examination needs to be transparent.The transparent design also offers ease of checking what is missing in your case.

2. Ethernet Cable (25 feet)

This is important for college students that stays at the dormitory. Although there is free Wifi, internet access can be slower when there is high traffic or high users. With an Ethernet cable, you can get a stable connection speed that is useful for downloading or watching online streaming content.

3. Noise-cancelling, wireless headphones

When you need to be “in the zone” and do your assignments, the most frustrating thing is for your friends to talk to you, or have a sudden loud noise in the background disrupt your train of thoughts. With noise-cancelling headphones, you can play music that helps you focus and study without distractions. When you don your headphones, it is obvious to the people around you that you do not want to be disturbed, without being rude or unfriendly.

4. Wearable tech

This can come in handy when you need reminders on your schedule, tutorial or assignment deadlines. The notifications for email, instant messaging, calendars will be like a personal assistant reminding you of the things you need to accomplish. What’s more? This can double up as a fitness monitor when you hit the on-campus gym or take a run around campus.

Side note: Wearable tech is not allowed in test/examination so remember to remove them before taking the examinations.

Is there any other items or gadgets that are a must-have for college students? Let us know in the comments section below!

Alex Lim

Firm believer in holistic education and management efficacy. Alex began a notable financial career and was awarded the Top Premier Adviser in 2006. Thereafter, he emulates similar characteristics as he switched to education industry since 2011.

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