Studying Tips: Identifying distractions and how to rid yourself of them

You are all set. Your mind is ready and off you go.

During the first twenty minutes, you felt you have achieved something extraordinary.

You feel that you can still push further and so you did.

Out of the blue, you heard a familiar ringing tone. Instinctively you answered the call and you have been transported to another world.You indulge in comfort and laughter and lose track of time…The above situation depicts the life of many students, and so many of us (adults) went through the same ordeal. Without the habit of managing distractions, giving in to distractions unknowingly creep into our adult lives and manifest in unpleasant events generating unnecessary frustration and exasperation.

So what are some of the most common distractions a student faces? Let us take a look and offer practical tips to rid yourself of the distractions!

(1) Mobile phones or entertainment devices

Our phones are a major source of distraction. Even if you made conscious efforts to not play games or surf social media, a simple text or call can easily break your concentration.

Practical Tip:
Place the phone to another room/place for charging and only allow yourself to check your phone every 2 hours. Inform your parents or siblings prior to your study time that you do not wish to be disturbed during this period.

(2) Study group

There is no right answer as to study group is better or self-study is the best option. Ultimately it all boils down to you yourself and how you can gain mutual benefits from studying in a group.

Practical Tip:
Analyze the commitment level of the study group and if you find the group to be too complacent.Speak up tactfully for the benefit of everyone in a friendly and suggestive manner.

However, there is no right answer as to study group is better or self-study is the best option.

Ultimately it all boils down to you yourself and how you can gain mutual benefits from studying in a group.

(3) Study environment

At times, the environment might pose too noisy due to unforeseen circumstances such as construction work, rowdy school children or tourists, etc.

Practical Tip:
Make use of an earpiece or headphones connected to your media device to silence out those external noises. Alternatively, you must be prepared to move to another location. If the option of studying at home is not available, then try to choose quiet places outdoors like at the library. However do ensure that you are early, because this place can be real hot during examination period.

(4) Your mind

  • Believe it or not, ‘the greatest enemy is yourself’. Worry, anxiety and fear can cripple our progress along the road to success.

Practical Tip:
Do not feed your emotions or thoughts with negativity. Move away from such activities by occupying your time with something else. That is why, for students that can’t seem to rid themselves of fear and worry, they should seriously consider pairing with a close friend and motivate one another.

Above all, exercise self-discipline, choose healthy food and sleep at least 8 hours per day. A person who did well in exams is a testimony to his/her drive, determination, self-motivation, and an understanding of study skills or learning techniques acquired. These traits will benefit them in reaping much lasting success in later years and eventually open doors for them to be among the cream of the crop.

See you at the TOP soon.

Alex Lim

Firm believer in holistic education and management efficacy. Alex began a notable financial career and was awarded the Top Premier Adviser in 2006. Thereafter, he emulates similar characteristics as he switched to education industry since 2011.

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Alex Lim

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