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MDIS Alumière: Sharanjit Kaur

Meet Sharanjit Kaur D/O Angad Singh 🎓💡  

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Business Studies and Finance in 2022 awarded by Bangor University, UK.   

What made you choose to study business & management course at MDIS?    

MDIS has provided me with a lot of opportunities when I first started my education journey here. Upon completing my Diploma programme at MDIS, I was able to directly enrol into the Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Business Studies and Finance programme awarded by Bangor University. At MDIS, diploma graduates are eligible to progress to a UK (Hons) Degree programme awarded by renowned UK Universities like University of Sunderland and Bangor University subject to meeting admission criteria.  

I believe I made a good choice in choosing Bangor University as it has been an awesome experience! The Business Studies and Finance programme has helped me improve my communication and leadership skills, which I wasn’t good in before I came to MDIS. I am grateful to MDIS for giving me the opportunity to become who I am today. 

What is your most memorable moment here at MDIS?  

I made a friend in MDIS who I am still very close with till this day – that’s the most memorable thing for me. I also got a chance to know, connect and communicate with different people from different countries and backgrounds which allowed me to develop a stronger understanding of the cultures from other countries. These are the things I will cherish my whole life.    

What is the one thing you can take back from your experience at MDIS?  

There is not one thing I can think of because I would be treasuring every moment from my time at MDIS. The 3 years I spent during my Business Studies and Finance Programme truly transformed my life. I had the chance to learn from the most inspiring lecturers who were there for me and guided me through my studies. I also got to be a part of a very close-knit group of friends and created great memories along the way. Furthermore, I discovered abilities and ambitions that I never thought I had!  

What are you currently pursuing now after graduating from MDIS? (Career, further education etc.)  

Currently I have applied for jobs and I would be working first, then after a year or two, I would pursue my Masters. 

What is one advice you would give to students planning to start studying at MDIS?  

I would advise students to study in MDIS as it’s really a good institution to study in, it also provides a variety of courses for students to choose from. Also, the lecturers are really helpful, they would make sure that we understand and if we don’t understand, the lecturers would go an extra mile to help students understand. So, I would advise students to join MDIS as it’s a lifelong learning experience that one will never forget.   

In 3 words, how would your friends describe you? 

Funny, Hardworking, Dedicated 

 Who was your most interesting lecturer at MDIS? 

Dr Alby. He is quite a chill lecturer and whenever I needed help, he wouldn’t hesitate to help me out. He would always explain to me no matter how many times. 

What is your go-to comfort food? 

My go-to-comfort food is chicken rice. 


Founded in 1956, the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) is Singapore’s oldest not-for-profit professional institute for lifelong learning. MDIS has two main subsidiaries: Management Development Institute of Singapore Pte Ltd which oversees its Singapore academic operations, and MDIS International Pte Ltd which focuses on MDIS’ globalisation strategy. MDIS offers internationally-accredited courses in Business and Management, Engineering, Fashion and Design, Health and Nursing, Information Technology, Languages and Education, Life Sciences, Media and Communications, Psychology, Tourism and Hospitality Management, and Safety and Environmental Management.

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