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MDIS Alumière: Cho Oo Wai

Cho Oo Wai, MDIS Alumnus

Cho Oo Wai graduated from MDIS in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) Information Technology. He has travelled from his home country of Myanmar to study in Singapore at MDIS. He shares his amazing experience and advice for upcoming students. 

What made you choose to study Information Technology course at MDIS? 

I chose to study the BSc IT programme at MDIS because it is good value for money. This programme is quite affordable, yet it offers highly relevant curriculums and the lecturers are highly experienced. 

What is your most memorable moment here at MDIS? 

One of my memorable moments in MDIS was when I had the opportunity to visit Google HQ in Singapore as a member of the MDIS Google Developer Student Club. At the time, Google was hosting a workshop to introduce the Flutter Framework which our club president was able to enrol us in. It was a unique experience to learn the new technology in Google Developers Space together with hundreds of other developers and students. 

What is the one thing you can take back from your experience at MDIS? 

The thing I learned while studying at MDIS is that it is necessary to have friends. We not only had to participate in group projects but also had to discuss with friends to work on individual assignments. We shared what we had researched, read and learned to get the best out of us. Honestly, without friends, it could have been a lot harder for me to succeed in my study. 

Cho Oo Wai, MDIS Alumnus

What are you currently pursuing now after graduating from MDIS?

I am currently employed as a Full Stack Web Developer at an airfreight booking company. I’ve also started studying the MSc Game Technology and Gamification programme since August 2021. 

Cho Oo Wai, MDIS Alumnus

What is one piece of advice you would give to students planning to start studying at MDIS? 

My advice for prospective students is that if you are planning to study BSc (Hons) Information Technology at MDIS, you must possess a strong mind to discipline yourself and stay focused on your goals. Even though, you’re already spending 12 hours per week in lecturers, the things that you do outside of class are equally important. Apart from studying courses, you can also engage in many activities as a student of MDIS. You can join student clubs, make new friends and participate in events. There are student clubs founded for various hobbies such as Badminton, Programming, Dancing, and Volunteering. 


Founded in 1956, the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) is Singapore’s oldest not-for-profit professional institute for lifelong learning. MDIS has two main subsidiaries: Management Development Institute of Singapore Pte Ltd which oversees its Singapore academic operations, and MDIS International Pte Ltd which focuses on MDIS’ globalisation strategy. MDIS offers internationally-accredited courses in Business and Management, Engineering, Fashion and Design, Health and Nursing, Information Technology, Languages and Education, Life Sciences, Media and Communications, Psychology, Tourism and Hospitality Management, and Safety and Environmental Management.

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