Getting Tired of Fruitless Job Hunt? 5 Tips to Cheer You Up

If you are a recent fresh graduate, chances are you are familiar with the struggle of finding and landing a job. This might be a hard period for you, having attended a couple of prospective interviews but with zero job offers. While being unemployed can be a depressing experience, you should keep the faith that eventually, your job search will pay off.

We recognise that encouraging yourself during the down times is not as easy as it sounds. You tend to doubt yourself with all the rejection letters and “failed” interviews. During this period, it is important to stay persistent and take even the smallest chances. If you need some encouragement to cheer you up, here are several tips you should do to regain your composure:

Take a break

When it feels you have hit the wall, you should stop and take a break for a while. Refresh your mind by going somewhere to liven up your moods. Places with greenery are great for your short escape.

Read motivational books

Reading books is a positive activity to recharge your mind while expanding your knowledge at once. Motivational readings will show you that you are not the only one struggling to find a job out there. Life lessons contained in the books can help you learn about how to cope with your current condition and stay motivated to take the next steps.

Invest in learning

Perhaps the reason why you are not hired is because you lack the skills or expertise that is required for the role. Identify the gaps and invest some time in learning. If it’s necessary, look for courses locally. Alternatively, you can look for resources online and learn new skills independently.

Explore new opportunities

A famous Japanese proverb says, “Nana korobi ya oki” (literally: seven falls, eight getting up) meaning fall down seven times and get up eight. When one opportunity closes, another one will open. Different companies are always recruiting and all you need to do is applying for them. Recognise that there will always be job opportunities out there.

Never say ‘later’

Are you as committed as you think you are in looking for a job? When your friend informs you about a job opening that suits your strengths and interest, have you ever responded with, “Thanks, I will check it out later”? Well, if you are guilty of this, you might want to change this attitude. Opportunities will not be there waiting for you forever.


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