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Best Exam Tips to Overcome Exam Blues

Practical Steps to overcome exam


1. Having a PLAN

  • …is the quickest antidote to ease all your anxieties and fears. .
  • Start planning early, at least four months before the main exam.
  • Use any monthly schedule template.
  • It should include timing, subjects, topics, book title, page no., etc..
  • Work out the timeline from the present until two weeks before the first paper commences.
  • Set appropriate allowance or buffer on a weekly basis to maneuver due to unforeseen circumstances that might arise in the near future.

2. Make your PLACE of study

  • ….a conducive environment.
  • Create your personalised workspace to such an extent that it is a sanctuary meant for your study and nothing else.
  • Remove all distractions and put in place motivational adornments.

3. Take care of your PHYSICAL

  • ….well-being by taking adequate nutrients, rest, etc…
  • Main point : Consume three litres of water daily, take vitamin C or more fruits and sleep well.
  • Take short breaks after every one hour of study by listening to music or watching motivational videos on youtube
    or even doing home workout exercises.

4. Desire a PURPOSEFUL life

  • …and pursue it with a zest for life.
  • Write down your goals and keep it simple, short and realistic.
  • Paste it in prominent places in your study area.
  • Visualise it in your mind and be committed to working hard.
  • Bascially, don’t dream of becoming great rather imagine of you NOW striving hard in overcoming all obstacles.
  • Dare to soar like an eagle and rule your own domain instead of hanging around with turkeys.

SEE YOU AT THE TOP!Just remember the 4 Ps

Excuses / Pitfalls
How to deal with it

It is natural for one to come out with excuses. Nevertheless, it takes one who is willing to stand out from the crowd, to change one’s disturbing mindset, ‘bite the bullet through’ and still persevere despite all setbacks.

And that person might as well be YOU for your own sake and loved ones.

Examples of some common excuses or ‘disturbing’ thoughts:

  • ‘I don’t think I can make it.’
  • ‘I don’t have time to finish revising my syllabus.’
  • ‘I can’t recall anything that I have just learned.’
  • ‘Most of my peers are much ahead of me, I might as well give up.’

The main causes are predominantly due to worries and anxieties. If one chooses not to deal with it seriously then it could lead to adverse effects such as stress which could then dampen motivation and the effort to revive the fuel to propel forward will be even more laborious.

Hence, ‘do it right the first time’ would be an appropriate first strike to curb subsequent excuses.
Do bear in mind one can’t always be impeccable in the above, hence it must be coupled with perseverance and resilience.

In short, carry out the following actions plans to curb excuses by doing it right the first time with perseverance and much resilient.

Action plans to curb excuses:

(1) Recognise such excuses are not really your ‘true’ self, they are just some behavior that everyone needs to be dealt with.

(2) Change your thought patterns or thinking habits by focussing on your strength rather than your weakness.
– Practical Tip: Hear some music or do some casual exercise to distract your mind, but do not engage in addictions that ‘steal’ most of your time.

(3) Be determined to persevere all efforts despite all odds with fresh energy at the start of each new day.
– ‘You can fail today, but tomorrow you have the right to start it right all over again.’ – Alex Lim

(4) Practice the 4 P’s (Plan, Place, Physical, Purposeful)

(5) Speak to someone close regarding such excuses or any difficulties you face.



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Firm believer in holistic education and management efficacy. Alex began a notable financial career and was awarded the Top Premier Adviser in 2006. Thereafter, he emulates similar characteristics as he switched to education industry since 2011.

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