A Guided Tour to FusionWorld

The MDIS Business Club organised an industrial visit to FusionWorld on 9 March 2018 with the support of the MDIS Business School. FusionWorld features a dynamic and interactive showcase of award-winning inventions and cutting edge in-house and industry-collaboration prototypes created by A*STAR’s research institutes.

At FusionWorld, students embarked on a journey to learn about the latest science and engineering technologies and research highlights through a guided tour. As students ventured through the five thematic zones, they explored and discovered how cutting edge technologies enhanced our everyday lives and beyond.

When we first entered FusionWorld, we were greeted by the bright colours of their logo and while we made our way through the tour, we were amazed by the extraordinary innovations. Some of the innovations were Integrated Biorefinery, Speech to singing and Eyefly 3D. Integrated Biorefinery is the conversion of oil palm waste to acrylic acid that is being used in paints and super absorbent polymers for diapers. Speech to singing is an app that allows one to sing by only recording their talking voice; the app will transform the rhythm and pitch of the voice into professional-quality singing. Lastly, Eyefly 3D is a screen protector that can display 3D content in both landscape and portrait mode on any phones.

At the end of our visit to FusionWorld, we were allowed to experience some of the inventions like the Brain Computer Interface that allows one to play games by using their focus skills and the huggler that can react to one’s emotions. Lastly, we were presented with a tote bag and a badge to signify our visit to FusionWorld.

This article was contributed by Rishma Theru and Chai Wei Kit, who are pursuing Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Business Studies and Finance with Bangor University, UK.

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