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Key Account Management

Structure Duration Two day
Time 9am - 5pm
Commencement Date 08 - 09 Mar 2017
01 - 02 Jun 2017
27 - 28 Sep 2017

COURSE FEE (NON-MEMBER): S$963.00* (including 7% GST)
S$818.55* (including 7% GST)
* Members enjoy a 15% discount before GST
* Group Discount (3 or more participants) - 10%


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2) PIC Grant
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SkillsFuture Credit

(Individual Singaporean aged 25 and above)
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Key Account Management is sometimes viewed as selling to and retaining large and important customers and accounts. However, it's more than that. Key Account Management is a Strategic Business approach in managing prospective customers with the objective of creating long term growth, profitability and sustainable partnerships. Key Account Management may differ based on the industry. However, one thing is very clear and that is Key Account Management involves a solid external relationship with buyers and customers.

This workshop will discuss practical strategies that are crucial to enhance key account relationships and effective methods in creating a high value partnership. Participants will get an understanding on the importance in Key Account Management relationship and the economies of scale in maintaining valued customers verses prospecting for new customers.

  Key Takeaways

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

Increase the sales rate and understand the role of a Key Account Manager
- Understand the importance of the Law of Averages and increasing average deal size
- Understand the importance of increasing customer loyalty and market competition for improved customer retention
- Understand their Unique Selling Propositions (USP)
- Manage and sustain long term value partnerships for increased profits
- Ensure that The Key Account Manager and other key personnel involved understand the importance of teamwork and managing profitable key accounts

  Who Should Attend

Key Account Executives, Key Account Managers and those who are progressing into a key account management role for the first time or those who have limited experience in managing accounts. Fundamental sales skills are assumed. However, the basics will be covered on this course.

  Programme Outline
  1. Professional Selling
    - The importance and effectiveness of Professional Selling
    - Understand the Sales cycle and some Sales terms
    - Why is Features and Benefits of products & services important
    - An understanding to the common Sales approach
  2. Understand your Unique Selling Proposition
    - What is your USP?
    - Is your USP Customer Driven or Sales Driven
    - Understand the importance of USP
  3. Key Account Management
    - Define your Key Accounts
    - The difference between Sales and Key Account Management
    - Key Account Managers K.A.S.H, roles and responsibilities
    - Key Accounts segmentation and prioritisation
  4. Strategic Account Management (SAM)
    - KAM is an Organisation Change, NOT a Sales Technique
    - KAM focus on High Level buy in
    - The importance of selecting the right KAM champion
    - Identify your Strategic Account portfolio (Key Accounts)
    - Train and empower your Key Account Managers
    - Strategic Alignment within the organisation
    - Forseeable Risks and Failures
  5. Maintain relationships with Key Accounts/Customers
    - Steps to Great Key Account Management
    - Maintain excellent customer contacts
    - Improve market competitiveness
  6. Key Account Manager Profile
    - Understand Sales Strategies to succeed as a Key Account Manager
    - Be able to shift from a Sales perspective to a Key Account Managers role
    - Understand the importance of Negotiations
    - Keep a focus on Key Accounts Profitability and Long term growth
  7. Organisational Teamwork for profitable Key Accounts
    - What is a Team & What is Teamwork?
    - The Benefits and Challenges in Team working in Key Accounts
    - Stages of Team Development
    - Shared responsibility in Key Account Management
    - Employee motivation within a postitive team culture


- Pre/ Post Assessment test
- Power Point presentation
- Group discussion/ Activities
- Case Study

  Programme Trainer

Charles Gonzalves has over 15 years of experience in the field of Training and Education. He has exposure in various industries such as Manufacturing, Mutual Fund, Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Retail Sales and Education.
Charles started in the Manufacturing & Fabrication sector in Finance & Accounting for about 10 years. He was seconded to the company’s subsidiary office to manage projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. He gained knowledge and experience in Banking facilities, Import & Export documentation, Payroll & Office Administration.

He was awarded the ‘Best Staff of the Year Award’ in the company for his dedication, commitment and integrity.
Charles then joined the challenging world of SALES. He was engaged in a Swedish Pharmaceutical company and honed his marketing and selling skills. He consistently achieved or exceeded his sales quota. He gained knowledge through the organisation In-House training programs in Marketing & Sales Management. He won the Highest Sales Award for a product.

As a professional trainer, Charles has delivered programmes in Malaysia, Australia and Singapore. He has conducted workshops in Critical Thinking, Sales, Strategic Marketing, Customer Service Excellence, Communication Strategies, Time Management, Handling Difficult People & Situations, Employee Motivation, Presentation Skills, Art of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution.

Charles has the ability to contextualize, customize and deliver training courses to meet both the participants and organisational needs. He has worked with a variety of people, culture and environment. His approach is dynamic, engaging, fun and experiential learning and facilitation method.


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