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English for Safe Workplace
- Construction, Marine, Oil and Gas, Logistics and Related Industries

Commencement Date: June 2017

Course Fee: S$593.00 per pax (including 7% GST)

Trainer: Team of 20 local trainers with WSH background and experience



This uniquely crafted English Language Proficiency Foundation Programme includes all relevant processes of Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) in a Singapore setting. It meets the foundation needs of our foreign workforce. Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) of the Ministry of Manpower supports the initiative. All employers of foreign workers are encouraged to make a full use of the subsidised programmes.


WSH Training Incentives for Construction Industry

WSH incentives for foreign workers effective October 2016

  • Have at least 6 years of construction experience in Singapore
  • Completed 120 hours of training in approved WSH-related courses or obtained WSQ Advanced Certificate in WSH

Foreign Workers

  • Worker is eligible to stay here for 20 years, not exceeding the age of 60 years


  • Qualified foreign worker levies to be reduced by S$350.00 per month
  • PIC Tax Waivable Grants subsidy of 40% of course fees applicable
  • Helps both the foreign workers and their employers
  • Main objective: Maintain stable and trained workforce in WSH


Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • To enhance understanding and appreciation of Basic WSH English for Foreign Workers
  • To provide for upgrading platform for skills related competency enhancement programme
  • To create a safe and healthy workplace environment

Target Audience

Foreign workers employed in construction, marine, logistics, manufacturing and allied industries in Singapore.

Programme Duration

This 30 hours programme will be conducted over 10 sessions.


  • Part One: Orientation to the Job
  • Part Two: Working with Equipment and Tools
  • Part Three: Working with People
  • Part Four: Working with Documentation
  • Part Five: Workplace Safety
  • Part Six: Off the Job - Integration


  • Group interaction with workplace setting
  • Simple safety games accentuating the importance of English
  • Simple pictures and group exercises
  • Simple reading, writing, spelling and speaking exercises



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