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Data Management Analytics with Pivot Tables (Excel 2013)

Structure Duration One day
Time 9am - 5pm
Trainer Microsoft Certified Trainer
Commencement Date 23 Feb 2018
16 May 2018
03 Aug 2018
05 Dec 2018

COURSE FEE (NON-MEMBER): S$535.00* (including 7% GST)
COURSE FEE (MEMBER): S$454.75* (including 7% GST)
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* Group Discount (5 or more participants) - 10%


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SkillsFuture Credit 
(Individual Singaporean aged 25 and above)
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Pivot table is one of the most powerful features of Excel, yet few users use them in their Day-to-day activities. PivotTable reports are especially well-suited for taking large amounts of data and summarising it into useful reports.

For some, pivot tables have always been too intimidating and for others, pivot tables are still unknown. With a little instruction and guidance, you will be able to use pivot tables to accomplish routine analysis and reporting that you have never ever thought of.

This course will begin with basic pivot tables and progresses to advanced pivot table topics covering insights into the inner workings of Pivot Tables, enabling analysis and preparation of reports to solve pressing business needs.

  Key Takeaways

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

Understand how and when to use pivot tables
- Automate pivot tables by connecting them to external databases
- Create basic and advanced Excel pivot tables
- Create cross tabulations and other associated advanced features
- Customise fields in a pivot table
- Format and print your pivot table report
- Group and perform calculations and its associated advanced options
- Perform calculations within pivot tables
- Building and automating business performance dashboards
- Structure and format your tables of raw data to easily allow for data analysis using pivot tables and pivot charts

  Who Should Attend

- Anyone who needs to use Pivot Table Analysis Techniques to more complex data sets. Managers and Executives who have to manage, analyse and prepare reports will find this course most beneficial.

Participants should have a strong grounding in Excel basic to intermediate knowledge, i.e. Navigate around a worksheet, format Cells, Auto Filter, Sorting, Simple Template Creation and Enter Simple Formulas.

  Programme Outline
  1. Database / List Operations
    - Introduction to Excel Databases
    - Using Tables
    - Sorting and Filtering Records
    - Removing Duplicates
    - Database Functions
    - Summarize Data Using Subtotals
  2. Importing Data
    - Import Delimited Data
    - Text to Columns Function
    - Managing Data Connections
  3. Basics of Pivot Tables
    - Understanding Pivot Tables
    - Building a Pivot Table
    - Pivot Table Formatting
    - Table Layout
    - Field Options
    - Changing Numeric Formats
    - Sort Order
    - Setting Top / Bottom Values
    - Extract Pages and Records
  4. Grouping Data
    - Grouping Date / Time Fields
    - Grouping Numbers
    - Manual Grouping
  5. Using Slicers
    - Inserting and Using Slicers
    - Formatting Slicers
    - Sharing Slicers
  6. Creating Calculations
    - Adding Multiple Summaries
    - Showing Values As
    - Inserting Calculated Fields
    - Inserting Calculated Items
    - Using Get Pivot Data Function
  7. Generate Pivot Chart Reports
    - Create Pivot Charts
    - Adding Chart Analysis Tools
  8. Multiple Data Ranges
    - Consolidate Multiple Data Ranges
    - Design of Page Fields
  9. Presenting Reports
    - Using Dashboard Techniques


A combination of lectures, explicit teaching, practical demonstrations and peer teaching is applied for this course.


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