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13 Oct 2018

Speech by Mr Tan Kah Hoe, MDIS Trustee and Secretary, MDIS Senate at MDIS – Oklahoma City University Graduation Ceremony on 13 October 2018, Saturday, 11am at MDIS Campus


Dr Christopher Syn, Vice-President, MDIS;

Dr Dennis Jowaisis, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Oklahoma City University;

Professor Karlie Harmon, Director of International Mass Communications Programs, Oklahoma City University;

Distinguished Guests;


Ladies and Gentlemen,

1  I bid all a good morning and a very warm welcome to the MDIS and Oklahoma City University Graduation Ceremony.

2  Today marks a very special occasion for our graduands. We are here to share in their joy and celebrate their accomplishments as they eagerly await the conferment of their degrees.

3  My heartiest congratulations to you all! The small successes you have achieved along your academic journey have converged into an important milestone today. There is much for you to be proud of and I am sure your lecturers and loved ones feel the same too.

The Role of Higher Education
4  The role of higher education in sustaining economic and social development increases year on year. Higher education gives one an opportunity to succeed in today’s global economy. It helps graduates keep pace with changes in the global economy as well as in the innovation process.

5  As the global economy changes, so do businesses. Rapid advancements in technology have changed the nature of work. There are many jobs today that didn’t exist decades ago. There will be jobs today that will become obsolete in the near future. There will be new jobs created too. For instance, data scientists or social media influencers didn’t exist as career choices before.

6  As the economy and businesses change, the requirements on industry skills will change too. Higher education institutions assure the continued relevance of knowledge and skills through specialised vocational programmes and innovation to build the right skills in their graduates for the future.

A Focus on Skills for the Tomorrow’s Jobs
7  Likewise, MDIS and its university partners have made great contributions to economic growth and social development through fostering work-ready skills and innovation in its graduates. This encompasses both hard and soft skills as well as the right attitude and values. With a renewed focus on skills development, the institute’s curricula places a greater emphasis on preparing graduates for tomorrow’s jobs, today.

8  Graduands, the knowledge and skills you have acquired from your studies with MDIS and Oklahoma City University, the exposure you have gained from the industry, experiences you have acquired learning from the best, have all given you a strong foundation for success, in a career or further studies.

9  As you move forward on your journey, keep upgrading yourself to remain relevant. Your learning journey never truly ends. Be flexible and adaptable to changes around you and continue to grow professionally and personally.

10  The world is your oyster so grasp all opportunities and challenges that come your way. With that, I wish you all the best and congratulations once more on graduating today!

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