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12 Jun 2018

Speech by Dr Eric Kuan, MDIS President at MDIS - ZTJIE Graduation Ceremony on 12 June 2018, Tuesday, 12.30pm at Zhejiang Technicial Institute of Economics


A very good afternoon to:

Professor Yu Bu Song, Party Secretary;

Professor Shao Qing Xiang, Principal;

Professor Huang Chun Lin, Vice Principal;

Distinguished guests;

Graduands and their families and friends;

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Opening Statement
1.  A very warm welcome to the 6th MDIS - Zhejiang Technical Institute of Economics graduation ceremony.  Today’s ceremony marks a momentous point in our graduands’ academic journey. I offer my heartiest congratulations to the 91 graduands on their achievements today. Your hard work, perseverance and determination have led to your academic success.

2.  As we celebrate the academic achievements of our graduands today, we must not forget the support from all who have helped them throughout their academic journey. I take this opportunity to thank the lecturers, advisors, families and friends for the support and encouragement you have given our graduands. It is a proud moment for all of us as we witness their graduation.

MDIS-ZJTIE Partnership
3.  MDIS is Singapore’s oldest not-for-profit professional institute for lifelong learning and a trusted choice for success by many international students. MDIS is EduTrust certified by the Committee for Private Education in Singapore. MDIS was first awarded the certification in 2010 and it was subsequently renewed for another four years in 2014. Our mark of quality ensures that the education you have received from MDIS and Zhejiang Technical Institute of Economics has provided you with a strong foundation for career success. Your diploma is one of high academic standing, international repute and is also approved by China’s Ministry of Education.

4.  With four campuses set-up in Singapore, Uzbekistan, Malaysia and India, MDIS has grown globally with the Singapore Brand of education. I am proud to share that MDIS Tashkent in Uzbekistan and MDIS Malaysia, are operating at full student capacities. Both campuses are undergoing expansion to increase the capacities to provide education opportunities for more students. Our strategy to constantly develop our education capacity and teaching capabilities has allowed us to maintain a strong position in delivering learning outcomes within the private education industry.

Employment opportunities in the region
5.  It is indeed an exciting time to be entering the workforce. Opportunities for employment abroad are aplenty. China is linking up with the region via trade. China’s Belt and Road initiative, together with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, will bring about trade and funding to the neighbouring countries. Infrastructure that facilitates efficient trading and higher productivity will be in rapid advancement. People, services and markets will benefit from these developments and be better-connected. This drives job creation in China and the Asia Pacific region.

6.  Besides a focus on developing the regional markets, locally, Chinese companies are also showing strong interest in venturing out of China onto the global stage for new sources of growth. Global Chinese technology giants such as DJI in drones, Xiaomi in mobile phones and Alibaba in e-commerce are prime examples of home-grown Chinese companies embarking on global expansion. As more Chinese companies grow and venture globally, more job opportunities are created in the home and overseas operations, enabling graduates like you to join the global workforce.

7.  This is where you can take advantage of your globally recognised qualification. Not only do you possess relevant academic knowledge and skills for the industry, MDIS has also shaped your development holistically. Through activities like summer camps and cultural exchanges, you are equipped with essential soft skills like communication, adaptability, teamwork and leadership which will help you to succeed in the global workforce. The qualification that you are receiving today is indeed a golden key that will bolster your career success.

Closing Remarks
8.  The Chinese economy is expanding rapidly and you need to prepare for the future. You must never be complacent with what you have learned during the academic journey. Embrace lifelong learning as it is the only way remain to relevant, sustain your employability and further your career advancement.

9. Once again, I congratulate all our graduands on your graduation day. I wish you every success in your future endeavours!

10. Thank you.

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