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04 Dec 2016

Dr Denan's visit to Uzbek's Presidential Election

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Presidential elections were held in Uzbekistan on 4 December 2016 following the demise of President, Mr Islam Karimov three months ago.

Our Secretary-General, Dr R Theyvendran was honoured to be invited as an international observer for the elections by the government of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Dr R Theyvendran with management & teachers of secondary school 110 in Tashkent

Accompanied by the Rector of MDIS Tashkent, Dr Salikhov Jasur, he visited 11 electoral polling stations. During the visit, Dr Theyvendran interacted with administrative officials and medical staff mending the polling stations as well as with the Director of Moscow State University Branch in Tashkent.

Dr Theyvendran also had the opportunity to meet with the First Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan and Minister of Finance, Dr Rustam Azimov. He thanked the Uzbekistan government for the support rendered to MDIS Tashkent since its launch in 2008.

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