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Even when I was in High School, I enjoyed learning about biology and the human body. I wanted to continue pursuing this area of interest at a degree level so I signed up for the University of Bradford’s Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biomedical Sciences offered at the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS).
I enjoy almost every subject in my programme but my favourites are Physiology and Molecular Cell Biology. I love how the lecturers at MDIS make us think deeper by having lively discussions in class. They are also ever willing to answer any questions.

The Singapore government is very supportive of biomedicine/ biotechnology. This makes Singapore the ideal country to pursue this programme. The tuition fees here are relatively cheaper than other countries although quality of the programme is still high.

After I complete my programme, I hope to get a good job and pursue my Masters.

Kim Jeong Hee

: : COUNTRY   Korea

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biomedical Sciences Student
University of Bradford


The Bradford program offered by MDIS is ranked highly, in regards to distance MBA programs. And the fact that MDIS assesses a candidates application not just on the basis of entrance exam scores, but holistically, giving due credit to work experience and other factors, was another reason why I selected MDIS.

Furthermore, it gives me the advantage of a UK MBA, taught from an Asian perspective.

John Paul Lobo

: : COUNTRY   India

Bradford MBA


It was a great decision to select MDIS as my study choice. It fulfilled my dream of growing from a Chinese professional into a global professional. I have strengthened my networking ability by enjoying the multi-national atmosphere present at MDIS. The 15 months MBA programme provided the best combination of both practical experience and academic theories.

Studying here at MDIS was a milestone in my life. I believe that it will help me to achieve my career objectives.

MDIS is definitely the best, and right, choice!

Apple Wang

: : COUNTRY   China

Master of Business Administration graduate University of Wales
University of Bradford


When I was looking for a good university programme after my Senior High School, my sister who have been in Singapore for several years introduced me to MDIS. I went to the MDIS website and found out a lot of information about their programmes and facilities. I also visited the Campus during my holidays to gain more information. During my visit to MDIS, the staff helped a lot in explain in more detail about the programme and life at MDIS.

I am now pursuing the Diploma in Business Management after completing the Professional Certificate in English programme. When I enrolled in the English programme, I was not fluent in the language and especially had problems with my presentation skills. With hard work, I managed to overcome my difficulties and progress into my diploma.

Thanks to MDIS, I now have a bright future in the business world!

Lukas A. Trisnadi

: : COUNTRY   Indonesia

Diploma in Business Management Student
University of Bradford


I was looking to further my studies when MDIS was recommended to me a year ago by a Singaporean friend of mine and subsequently I was impressed after attending a seminar in Vietnam by Dr Eric Kuan. MDIS won me over not only for its acclaim among local and international students but also for the suitability of the course, the internationally recognized degree, the excellent facilities and enjoyable activities held on campus.

I gained useful knowledge about the tourism and hospitality industry from the approachable and knowledgeable lecturers and valuable practical experience from training sessions at the Tropical Breeze, the School of Tourism and Hospitality’s training centre. I also enjoyed helpful talks and workshops organized by the MDIS Membership Department.

Tang Thanh Tuan

: : COUNTRY   Vietnam

BSC (Hons) in International Tourism and Hospitality Management graduate University of Sunderland
University of Bradford


Studying Mass Communications has taught me about the process of television production, how to be good in journalism and public relations etc. But most importantly, through by studies I’ve learnt to open up, and be more confident of myself.

MDIS' learning environment is very conducive for learning as lessons are more interactive and class participation is encouraged.

My father used to say that if I “walk with faith, the impossible will become possible”. At MDIS, I truly believe this is possible!

Fransiska Stevani

: : COUNTRY   Indonesia

Bachelor of Arts (in Liberal Studies with concentration in Mass Communication)




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