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MDIS Campus Movie Night

Come join MDIS Movie Night on 20 Dec 2018 . Let's enjoy the funny movie with Hot dog Combo and get a chance to win the Lucky Draw during the Christmas Season.

MDIS Breakfast Talk : Is it still Black or White? A look into today's cyber security arena

A hacker is a tech-savvy user who manipulates and bypasses computer systems to make them do the unintended. They fall into two main camps, working on opposite sides of the law: white hats and black hats.
Join us at our Breakfast Talk to learn more about the different groups of hackers in today’s Cyber Security arena.

If you are interested, click here to register or call 6473 5885.

Girls Style Dance Workshop

Come and join our workshop to learn girls style dance which is a more feminine interpretive version incorporating various movements in the genre of Hip-Hop, New Jazz and Reggae.

The Nature Explorer Series - Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

To be updated. Stay tune!

Cantonese Language Workshop

Come join our workshop to learn the Cantonese language with a native Cantonese speaker and get to know more about the language and its culture.

MDIS x KUMIS Badminton Tournament 2018

We are proud to present MDIS x KUMIS Badminton Tournament 2018 this year on 13 to 14 October 2018, 10am to 4pm!

Please click in to find out more on the available categories and pricing for each registration.

Registration ends on 05 October 2018, 2359 and is subjected to availability. For each registration, will be entitled to exclusive shoe bag for the event.

The Power of Communication

MDIS Toastmaster Club invites you to celebrate its 100th meeting on 10 Oct 2018. Come join our workshop and learn how to sharpen your public speaking and presentation skills.

Hip-Hop Drills Workshop

Come and join the Hip-hop Drills workshop to enjoy the 1.5 hours intensive class that focuses on enhancing quality of movement and execution of dance techniques.

Russian Language Workshop

Come join our workshop to learn some basic Russian conversational phrases and get to know more about the country that hosted World Cup 2018.

Make Up Workshop 2018

Join us for the make up workshop by Mary Kay. You will be guided through the basics and understand what type of make up will suit you. Lastly, learn how to professionally apply a variety of cosmetics to create different looks!

It will be a hands-on session and light refreshments will be provided after the session.
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