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Grievance and Dispute Resolution

MDIS is committed to providing prompt and efficient channels for students to provide their feedback and concerns/grievances.

Concerns/grievances relating to the students’ educational experience for both academic matters (e.g. appeals against results, expulsion, suspension, etc) and non-academic matters are addressed and resolved in an objective, fair and reasonable manner. Where university or MDIS procedures exist for dealing with students’ discipline and academic matters, then these procedures will take precedence over the grievance and dispute resolution procedure.

For student discipline-related matters, MDIS will determine the disciplinary action over any misconduct by taking into consideration the seriousness of the alleged offence, the risk or harm involved and if the conduct is detrimental to the reputation, interest or welfare of MDIS and its students.

Students seeking resolution of their concerns/grievances should follow the steps outlined below. These steps have been put in place to facilitate resolution with minimum delay and inconvenience to the students.

Step 1:
If you have any concerns or grievances, you should discuss it with your respective Student Coordinators. The Student Coordinator will investigate and provide a resolution within five (5) working days. Significant effort will be placed in seeking a resolution at this level.
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Step 2:
In the event that the assistance rendered is unsatisfactory, the student may raise the matter to the Manager of the Student Care and Administration (SCA). The Manager will investigate the matter and provide a resolution within three (3) working days.
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Step 3:
Should the student render the resolution unsatisfactory, he/she may escalate the matter to the Senior Manager of the Student Care and Administration Department and/or Service Quality. The matter will be investigated and a resolution will be provided within three (3) working days.
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Step 4:
If an amicable resolution cannot be reached, the student may also escalate the matter to the Senior Director of Communications. The Senior Director will provide a resolution within three (3) working days.
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Step 5:
In the event that the student still renders the resolution by the Senior Director of Communications unsatisfactory, he/she may appeal to the MDIS Senior Management, Secretary-General. The MDIS Senior Management will offer a final resolution within seven (7) working days from the date of the appeal to the Senior Management.
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In the event that MDIS and the student are unable to resolve a dispute amicably, either party may refer the matter to the Singapore Mediation Centre or the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators through the CPE Student Services Centre.

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