Make no mistake, the world has definitely changed forever. Even after the COVID-19 pandemic is over, the world will not revert to what it was before.

The pandemic has been a difficult event for all of us but many of its outcomes are just what was required. It has kick-started and forcibly moved the world rapidly into the digital space – changes that otherwise would have taken years, have been accelerated in the space of months.

Education will assimilate many of the digital advantages that it has acquired during this time and, in future, there will be a wonderful blend of face-to-face education with digital education that will revolutionise students’ learning process.

As students, you will now encounter work interviews that are entirely digital and you will have to learn to present yourself and your work to your advantage through digital means. At MDIS, we encourage you to acquaint yourself and master every digital tool that is at your disposal. You must learn to put them to their best possible use. These are going to be invaluable for you as you equip yourself for the post-pandemic world.  

The world of work is set to be transformed. Today, digital technologies have disrupted time and space considerations like never before. The concept of the physical office has fast eroded. Prepare to work from wherever you are – your office is where you are. Be prepared for disruption of your time schedules, as well. The digital world is a truly globalised world – so the 9 am to 5 pm work schedule will be replaced by timings that are common to all the time zones that your company occupies.

Will there be challenges ahead? Of course there will be. But the possibilities and opportunities ahead are endless – there are very exciting days ahead and MDIS is here to gear you up for it!

Dr Alby Kurian Anand

Dr Alby Anand Kurian is a senior lecturer in MDIS. He has a PhD in Management and has been teaching Marketing, International Business and Strategy at MDIS since 2012. Dr Alby is a marketing practitioner and theorist. As Founder-Director of Emphasis, a marketing and strategy consultancy, Kurian has worked with multinationals such as Procter & Gamble, Nestle and Unilever, on products like Lays, Ariel and Coca Cola.

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Dr Alby Kurian Anand

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