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The Benefits of a Master’s Degree in Education

In this global era students and their families, communities as well as countries are facing big challenges coupled with rapid changes.  Educators are required to understand, assess and adjust to these changes.  While some learners choose to educate themselves, most education takes place in a formal setting under the guidance of a qualified educator.  Education can take place in different settings; formal or informal.  It could be guided by a teacher or instructor.  However, higher education is often under the supervision of a professor.

Today teaching is a growing industry and teaching jobs are quite stable.  The positions in teaching are expected to accelerate by almost 10% in the next few years. Jobs in education are becoming more stable with accelerating student numbers. At the same time there is also a need to get experienced, skilled and qualified educators.

Current educational standards are changing and the roles of teachers, curriculum as well as leadership in teaching skills are becoming more skilled thereby changing the status quo.  As the demand for more skilled individuals are required to have a master’s degree, the acquisition of such qualifications would make such applicants more appealing for these jobs as they would be considered experts in their discipline.

A master’s degree is usually granted by a state or a public university.  Studying a master’s degree in education means you have completed your graduate programmes and you now want to advance in your career.  This also means you have the opportunity to earn a higher salary. Additionally, you can expand your knowledge in a particular subject and have a bigger say in shaping the educational programmes, and to help others learn and grow academically.   A Master of Education programme offers courses in various subjects ranging from Psychology, Adult learning, Intercultural studies, and current technology in line with education.    However, attaining this degree might not be very quick as it requires time, effort and a lot of investment.

As far as the classroom management skills are concerned, with a master’s degree in education, you get a deeper understanding of the techniques and processes of teaching, professional resources and this course revolves round your professional job.  The teaching theories become clearer to you and you can distinguish between the functioning of different theories and assessments. You are exposed to different classroom settings and have a better understanding of educational curriculums.

You can demonstrate flexible and transferable skills such as high levels of initiative, leadership of learning, and mastery of a subject.  Your role as an educator puts you in good stead as you gain a better understanding of the administrative system; distinguish between the choices you can make  critique teachers; make classroom observations and suggestions to improve students’ performance and learning environments.

Finally, getting a Master’s in Education will open numerous opportunities in the educational sphere and this is accompanied with plentiful benefits.   For teachers, making a significant change in the life of their students fills them with a sense of pride and accomplishment.  Watching their students learn and flourish in life gives them a sense of self-fulfilment.


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