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Interdisciplinary Workshop –“Personal Branding” by Mr Darwin Joseph

An annual interdisciplinary workshop was held on 11 September 2017 for MDIS College ‘A’ Level students. The students were exposed to the different faculties in MDIS, which allowed them to consider options on their progression pathways. The topic from the MDIS Business School focused on “Personal Branding” which was conducted by our senior lecturer, MrDarwin Joseph.

What exactly is personal branding? Mr Darwin explained that personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. It is a powerful, clear and positive process of creating an image or impression in the minds of others about oneself. Personal branding is important because it helps an individual in the advancement of one’s career, development as a leader, enhances prestige, focused personal development, provides greater recognition and is a great differentiator in one’s job search. Personal branding allows one to influence and create perceptions about oneself and demonstrates to others about their beliefs, values and abilities.

So, how to create your Personal Branding?

1. Test your current brand.
2. Identify your goals.
3. Determine what makes you unique.
4. Assess your accomplishments.
5. Build your accomplishments.
6. Be a model of professionalism.
7. Review and repeat.

You can begin your personal branding journey by developing your unique tagline and a logo. The tagline and logo can be placed on your website homepage, all social media profiles and email signatures. Lastly, Mr Darwin gave an advice that your personal brand must make you feel powerful and happy, give you confidence, feel good and tell a story about you. It is never too late to start creating a personal branding.

“Change is Permanent, We are Temporary” – Mr Darwin Joseph


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