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Bachelor of Science (in Behavioural Studies with concentration in Psychology) (Top-up)* (Awarded by Oklahoma City University, USA)

About the Course
Course Curriculum

*The programme will teach-out by Aug 2020. We are no longer accepting new students for this programme.


This programme is designed for:

  • • Qualified individuals who want to formalise their experiences and understanding in the field of Psychology
  • • Mid-career professionals and executives who are considering a career switch into the various areas of Psychology
  • • Fresh school leavers, professionals and executives who aspire to pursue an Undergraduate degree in the   field of Psychology

Assessment Methods

Grades will be based on the quality of the students' performance in the following areas:

  • • Pre and post assignments and projects
  • • Class presentations and case studies
  • • A final examination

The weightage for each area will be decided by the faculty and are usually made known to the students at first meeting if they are not stated in the course outline.


Students who successfully complete the programme will be awarded with the prestigious Bachelor of Science (in Behavioural Studies with concentration in Psychology) awarded directly by Oklahoma City University, USA. The degree will be the same as that awarded to the full-time students at the university main campus.



Ms Joesaphine Shalene Khanisen
MDIS Graduate 2013, Bachelor of Science (in Behavioural Studies with Concentration in Psychology)
Oklahoma City University, USA

“The programme was challenging and exciting. We had distinguished lecturers who possessed broad knowledge and experience. Studying on Campus in Oklahoma City was a rewarding and enjoying experience.”

Ms Steffi Tania Moses
Graduate 2013, Bachelor of Science (in Behavioural Studies with Concentration in Psychology)
Oklahoma City University, USA
"No words can truly describe my wonderful experience at OCU. I was surrounded by an ebullient community and the support of the faculty members was impeccable. l always look back at my OCU experience as a turning point in my life."


Industry Collaboration

The Memorandum of Understanding (2016), signed between the Singapore Psychological Society (SPS) and the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), augments a strong working relationship between the Society and the MDIS School of Psychology. This collaborative arrangement allows for MDIS students who are majoring in psychology to become members of the SPS, and to enjoy the following benefits:

• Eligibility to use the acronym SMSPS
• Listing as a Student Member on the online SPS membership directory
• Recipient of regular updates and electronic newsletter on psychology-related society matters
• Networking opportunities with other practicing psychologists at SPS functions and social events
• Accessibility to professional development opportunities, Special Interest Groups, and other regular meetings
• Subsidised, reduced rates and/or discounts for talks and workshops organised by the society
• Having a set of guidelines to safeguard client’s welfare and the integrity of the profession by adhering to the Society’s Code of Professional Ethics



Oklahoma City University, USA (School of Psychology)

University Details

Founded in 1904 as Epworth University under the sponsorship of two Methodist Episcopal Churches and in co-operation with the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, Oklahoma City University (OCU) has become a highly regarded educational institution in the USA and internationally.

With a tradition for quality, personalised and value conscious education since 1904, OCU is highly committed to academic excellence. It has been dedicated to the objective of bringing together a well-qualified student body, excellent teaching facilities, outstanding competence and the most advanced ideas in both curriculum and teaching methods. 

Nationally and internationally, OCU is recognised as being on the cutting edge in preparing its students to participate in international business life. 

Reviews of Oklahoma City University, USA:

• OCU is ranked 25th under the 'Regional Universities (West) Rankings' by the US News and World Report Best Colleges Rankings 2014.
• Named one of the Best Western Colleges by the Princeton Review 2008.
• Identified in 2004 (for the tenth year running) as one of America’s 100 Best College Buys by the Institutional Research & Evaluation, Inc.
• Fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA).
• OCU has been offering programmes in Asia since the early 1980s and its programmes are offered in most major Asian countries.


Oklahoma City University is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA), the University Senate of the United Methodist Church, the National Association of Schools of Music, the American Bar Association, the Supreme Court of the State of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma State Board of Education and the Oklahoma State Regents.

Regional accreditation by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools is the recognition criteria used by the United States Government.



*The programme will teach-out by Aug 2020. We are no longer accepting new students for this programme.

Advanced Research And Analysis

Students continue with their mastery of research techniques by conducting research projects, learning additional research tactics and reporting in American Psychological Association style. The application of descriptive statistical techniques is stressed.

Anatomy And Physiology

Students will learn basic human anatomy and physiology and psycho-immunology to understand the impact of environmental and psychological stressors on the individual.

Arts and Our World

Students will learn to view the world differently by learning to think critically and interact differently with various art forms, such as painting, sculpture, music, theatre and film. The artistic process and creativity are a special focus.

Behaviour Modification

Changing the behavior of individuals practicing unhealthy life styles begins with an understanding of the rewards and circumstances that encourage such behavior. The strategies and techniques for behavior change that students learn are the foundation for encouraging better health practices.

Cognitive Psychology

Attitudes, thinking, reasoning and concept formation all affect health-related behaviors. Students will study cognitive psychology to better understand this Influence and to prepare strategies that effect positive cognition regarding healthy practices and clinical applications.

Human Development across The life Span

The developmental stages and cycles of human life from birth to death are the primary content. Healthy practices throughout the lifespan are emphasized and positive and practical strategies for increased psychological and physical health are central to the course.

Social Psychology

Students will study the influence of group norms on individual behavior: the role of group variables in the formation of attitudes, values, and other influences upon the individual as well as the examination of the fundamental research in the area. Particular attention is focused on the groups and cultural influence on health-related behaviors.

Introduction to Theories of Counseling

Students will learn about the major modern theories of counseling and clinical /health psychology as well as modern techniques for interview strategies that determine the needs for counseling/ clinical/ health psychology interventions. Students will also learn about effective, evidence-based intervention techniques to change attitudes and behavior.

Politics, Economics, America and the Future

Students will learn about global conflicts, economic supremacy and failures, the progress of social reform and human rights and cultural change in the context of the variety of American life. The course will enable students to think critically about the United States’ role in the global community, and to better understand the policy decisions through a study of the history of the country.

Management Of Personal Life Styles

Students will consider and make choices about their personal life styles and the impact on health and well-being. Best practices for physical and psychological health are emphasized.

Values And Culture - Medical Ethics

Students participate in a general introduction to philosophical field of ethics and to the applied ethics in the specialized field of medical and psychological ethical practice.

Scientific And Technical Writing

Students learn to write technical papers and reports of research in American Psychological Association style. Sound grammar and clarity of expression are core elements of this course.

Statistics For Psychologists*

Students will review fundamental descriptive and learn inferential statistics applications as well as the basics of the widely used statistical analysis program SPSS. Additional statistical techniques will be taught and psychological research reports interpreted in order to prepare students for work in the field.

Seminar In Clinical And Health I*

This course serves as an introductory course to the science and practice of clinical and health psychology. The course will examine biological, psychological, social, and behavioral factors that influence individual mental and physical health. The course will focus on prevention, assessment, and treatment of a variety of mental and physical health problems.

Seminar In Clinical And Health II*

In this course, students will participate in a series of visits to public health institutions, offices and agencies in Oklahoma City, USA. Lectures and presentations by leaders and experts in the clinical / health field will offer the latest information about clinical and psychological health practices and procedures. Part II compliments Part I of the course by helping students make the connection between theory and application within the field.

* 3 weeks residency at OCU Campus


The average lecturer/student ratio is 1 : 30 (lecture)

The average lecturer/student ratio is 1 : 30 (tutorial)

Click here to download profiles of lecturers.


Duration of Course | Full-time & Part time: 18 months
Award | DEGREE


Class Intake for 2018

For Full-time Programme:


Local students:
+65 6247 9111 / 6372 1000

International students:
+65 6796 7660


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+65 6247 9111
+65 6278 8000
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