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05 Jul 2017

In Celebration of International Friendship Day

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The greatest gift of life is friendship and on 5 July, students at MDIS celebrated its International Friendship Day with workshops and activities, games and food galore.

Students, staff and the public dived deep into the cultures of Southeast Asia and beyond at the 10 activity booths, workshops and food bazaar set up around campus. Participants got to enjoy traditional games like Malaysia’s Batu Seremban and India’s Rangoli, and sample signature dishes like Vietnamese rice paper rolls, Korean kimchi and more. They also had the chance to try their hand at making Ketupat, a traditional Indonesian/Malaysian dumpling, and Friendship bracelets to commemorate the occasion.

KUMIS, the Indonesian student organisation in Singapore, was on hand to entertain the crowd with song performances and to capture memories of the day, a photo booth was available where participants could dress in traditional costumes like the Malay Kebaya and Japanese Kimono for a fun-filled photo opportunity. 

The MDIS International Friendship Day seeks to create a vibrant global student community on campus. It is one event in a series that encourages students to make friends across different backgrounds and cultures, promoting fellowship among schoolmates.

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