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English for Safe Workplace
- Construction, Marine, Oil and Gas, Logistics and Related Industries


The construction, marine, oil and gas, logistics and related industries are important pillars of Singapore’s economy. The foreign workforce is a major resource component for many of these industries. Thus, ensuring the safety of our foreign workforce is a fundamental need. It promotes safety consciousness while concurrently enhancing productivity and efficiency in an organisation.

In facilitating the cultivation towards a zero accident workplace, it starts with equipping our foreign workforce the ability to understand the importance of English. The programme will address the application required in understanding workplace safety and health in Singapore, type of workplace hazards and identify the necessary steps to prevent workplace accidents through language competency. In addition, the programme is a vital foundation enrichment initiative for our foreign workforce. It is targeted at addressing the fundamental gaps and inherent problems of basic English language competency and comprehension skewed for relevance to a Singapore workplace environment.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Enhance their understanding and appreciation of basic English in various industries
  • Enhance their understanding and appreciation of the chain of command in Singapore workplace environment

Target Audience

Foreign workers employed in construction, marine, logistics, manufacturing and allied industries in Singapore.

Programme Duration

This 30 hours programme will be conducted over 10 sessions, thrice weekly. Each session is 3 hours.


  • Part One: Orientation to the Job
    • Providing Personal Information
    • Finding Your Way Around
    • Who’s Who - Reading the Organisation Chart
    • Punctuality and Attendance (Adverbs of Frequency)
  • Part Two: Working with Equipment and Tools
    • Describing Things (Comparatives and Superlatives)
    • Working with Equipment and Tools Part 1
    • Working with Equipment and Tools Part 2
    • Operating Machinery (Phrasal Verbs)
    • Standard Operating Procedures Part 1 (Modals)
    • Standard Operating Procedures Part 2 (Imperatives)
  • Part Three: Working with People
    • Getting to Know You
    • Working Together/Shift Change
    • Making Small Talk Part 1 (Past Tense)
    • Making Small Talk Part 2 (Future Tense)
    • Describing Activities (To Be and Present Continuous Tense)
    • Reporting Problems
    • Resolving Conflicts
  • Part Four: Working with Documentation
    • Completing Forms
    • Reading and Writing Short Notes
    • Reading Notices and Memos
    • Work Logs (Past Tense)
    • Reading Graphs
  • Part Five: Workplace Safety
    • Workplace Safety Part 1: Hazards
    • Workplace Safety Part 2: Controls
    • Describing an Incident or Accident
    • Safety Talks
    • Expressing and Responding to Warnings
  • Part Six: Off the Job
    • Money Matters
    • Banking
    • Shopping Part 1 (Count/Non-Count Nouns)
    • Shopping Part 2 (Prepositions of Place)
    • Public Transportation/Telling Time
    • Driving in Singapore
    • Medical Matters
    • Taking Medication


  • Group interaction in a construction, marine and allied industries workplace setting
  • Simple safety games highlighting importance of English
  • Simple pictures and group exercises
  • Simple reading, writing, spelling and speaking exercises

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