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Professional Certificate in English

Awarded by Management Development Institute of Singapore



  • Aims to help students acquire English language skills in preparation for a tertiary education in the English medium
  • Designed to ensure a progressive and systematic development of the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills as well as the linguistic competencies (i.e. pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and discourse)

Course Duration & Structure

  • Consists of 5 levels: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced
  • Each level completed in 7 weeks
  • 210 contact hours with lecturers, inclusive of 192 intensive hours of teaching
  • 5 days a week
  • Students need to pass the necessary assessments in order to progress to the next level

Administrative Details

: : COMMENCEMENT DATE    Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep & Nov
: : COURSE FEE                    S$2,300 per level

*All fees quoted are subject to prevailing GST and other costs arising from government directives.
NOTE: This programme is only offered when signing up for an academic programme with MDIS.

PCIE 5 Levels

School of Languages

The School of Languages offers English Language programmes for those who are interested in pursuing a tertiary education in the English medium. Upon completion of the Advanced Level, students are awarded the Professional Certificate in English (PCIE). The school aims to place students at an adequate proficiency level and develop students' confidence in using the language for daily communication and academic work.

In 2009, the school hosted Mr and Ms Personality Contest and an Adventure Camp, events which were well received by the students. Experiential learning journeys have been designed to keep the language learning relevant and interactive. The school advocates the notion that teachers not only transmit knowledge but become a catalyst to empower students to handle the challenges of the curriculum, their chosen professional field and even their own life - without the aid of the teacher. Through such empowerment, the School of Languages hopes to create a paradigm shift in the students' quest for knowledge from a receiver to a creator of knowledge.
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