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Why Study at MDIS

  • Does MDIS have any other campuses in the region?

In September 2008, MDIS set up its first overseas campus in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan in Central Asia, to offer world-class tertiary education to students from the Central Asia region. MDIS has a university status that is granted by the Uzbekistan government.

MDIS will set up its second campus in Malaysia, Iskandar, Johor Bahru, positioned as a University College. It will offer courses in Business Management, Information Technology, Digital Media, Mass Communications and, Travel and Tourism. The first batch of students is expected to be enrolled in 2013.

  • What are the quality certifications that MDIS has obtained?

MDIS is committed to deliver high quality standards of education. Its university partners continue to uphold their excellent quality assurance through their various quality systems.

MDIS received the EduTrust Certification (4 years), awarded by the Council for Private Education, in 2010. Having attained the latest ISO 9001:2008 standards demonstrates MDIS' focus on customer service and satisfaction.

The MDIS School of Health and Life Sciences also implemented the Occupational Health and Safety Management system and is now OHSAS 18001:2007 certified.

  • Is the degree obtained through MDIS of equivalent standards to one obtained by students studying on-campus?

All students are assessed based on the same standards. Therefore, the degree awarded is exactly the same as the on-campus degree.

  • Will I be able to gain admission into the local universities after completing my Advanced Diploma with MDIS?

No. Currently, local universities only recognise diplomas from local polytechnics and good GCE "A" level results. However, you can apply for a master's degree programme to the local universities with a bachelor's degree from MDIS.

MDIS graduates are highly employable! 74.5% of the graduates* surveyed were employed with most holding full-time job appointments soon after their graduation.

* Graduating Classes 2013

  • Who issues all the degree certificates?

Our university partners issue all our Degree certificates and transcripts.

  • Who governs and manages MDIS?

MDIS is governed and managed by an elected Governing Council with a strong management team who operate on a voluntary basis.

  • Who owns MDIS?

Our members own MDIS.

  • What is the meaning that MDIS is a “not-for-profit” organisation?

Fundamentally, this means that the optimum surplus or profit that MDIS earns will be channelled to fund the objectives of the organisation, for the benefit of the community.

All surpluses are used for improving infrastructure, upgrading and for community projects. This is in line with our vision for ploughing back surpluses into the community.

  • Where can students go when they are in financial difficulties?

MDIS has a strategic alliance with TCC Credit Co-operative Limited, which is a not-for-profit organisation. It gives financial support to our students and provides them with preferential loan rates.

Course Conduct

  • What are the differences between a fully taught, distance learning and correspondence course?

Fully taught - students must attend weekly lectures and tutorials. Contacts with the lecturers are on a more frequent basis.

Distance learning - students are in contact with their tutors through intensive bloc sessions over a limited period of time. In a distance learning mode, students study their course materials outside a traditional classroom but with full support from tutors. During the session with the tutors, students can seek clarifications on issues that need further understanding.

Correspondence - there is no contact with the tutors. Students are very much on their own. They probably correspond with tutors over emails or faxes. MDIS does not offer correspondence courses.

Academic and Service Support

  • What are the qualifications / credentials of the lecturers? How qualified are they?

They are academia from local tertiary institutions or practitioners from various industries.

They must hold a recognised master's degree and above in order to undertake teaching assignments of any bachelor's degree; and at least a bachelor's degree to teach in our certificate and diploma programmes.

Membership Fee

  • Why should students pay the membership fee?

MDIS is a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation and a membership-based institute. As such, MDIS membership is a prerequisite for students attending academic courses/programmes here.

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